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Anti Form is Ultiamas's Ulti-Form from Ultionicle. It happens based on a hidden counter that increases as you use forms (but drastically decreases every time you use Final Form), and has no abilities.

While Ultiamas is extremely fast in this form, he can only attack without the Keyblade, instead with his hands and feet, and can only revert when not in battle. It uses ALL of Ultiamas's remaining Drive Gauge, and takes both party members. It also makes Ultiamas more vulnerable to damage, and his attack power drops, but his combo length is longer than most other combos in the game (Final Form can get in more hits at its higher levels, but it is very fast, and ends quicker than the Anti-Form combo). Anti-form cannot be levelled up, and has no specific abilities.

Formula For Triggering Anti-Form

(cannot go below 0)
Percent chance
0 0%
1-4 10%
5-9 25%
10+ 40%
Adders & Subtracters
Succesfully using Valor, Wisdom or Master Form +1
Using Form when partner is unconscious +0
Gaining a new form (except Final Form) Resets counter to 0
Anti-Form appears -4
Using Final Form -10
Mission battle (Command Menu outline is red) Chance x2
Organization XIV battle Chance x5
Finale (when possible) Chance x10

Note: Once the scene where Ultiamas battles Ultiamax has occured,It is very hard to see when Anti Form will occur next.

Valor | Wisdom | Master | Final | Anti
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